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The Myths Regarding Expensive Dating

Forget everything you've ever been brainwashed into believing regarding the importance of spending lots of money on dates. You are impressing nobody by dropping a lot of cash. Instead, you may actually be demonstrating desperation by doing so, if not a downright lack of self-esteem by trying to "buy" someone's affection rather than counting on your own personal charm and giftedness to do the trick.

You've long ago figured out that you are attractive in your own right without having to prop yourself up artificially. So now it's time to live as if you truly believe it. You do not have to spend a lot of money on expensive dinners, lofty bar bills and/or any other such costly entertainment schemes.

In fact, the more natural the setting is the freer you and your date both are to act more like yourselves without any pretense. This translates into a more honest opportunity for evaluation and generally, I might add, a more enjoyable date.


Get In, Get Off, Get Out

Where did you learn about sex? Health class? Your dad? But where did you learn about having sex? A lot of your early knowledge of intercourse probably came from your buddies, especially the ones who claimed to be getting some. Bad news, friend, they were just as clueless as you were. They too were relying on information from dudes who claimed to be having a bunch of sex and weren't. Unfortunately for women everywhere, a lot of this locker room talk has no merit, yet sticks in the sexual psyche of the American male. Here are some things your buddies have bragged about, and shouldn't have.

He equated penis size with sexual prowess.

Men seem to think that the bigger the penis the better. Guess what guys, size doesn't matter...much. There are so many ways to pleasure a woman, and penetration is actually the least effective. Only 25% of women orgasm during intercourse. That doesn't mean that 75% of men have tiny, unsatisfying penises, it just means that it's difficult for women to cum during sex. So most of a woman's climaxing happens during what you consider "foreplay," which happens before your penis even touches her.


Happy Spouse Happy House - The Perfect Partner

They say ninety percent of our happiness and misery depends upon the partner we choose in life. Finding the perfect partner is the most critical choice you have to make. It can either make or break you. It can either literally and figuratively save your life or end it. Your name and your legacy depends on it. Your legacy can include your children and your children's children and if you chose the wrong person to raise them is like raising an army to shoot you in the heart with a bow and arrow. The cliché- the hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world applies to this scenario.

That's how essential finding the perfect partner is. All the things that you have been working for- financial, emotional and mental will be scattered off to pieces with the wrong significant other. In finding the perfect partner you have to forget what your kindergarten teacher taught you about the song "qeu sera sera, what will be will be" because in choosing the right spouse you have to be in control, you have to be conscious about it. In choosing the right spouse you have to fully and wholly know yourself. There must be a high level of self awareness and you have to know what you want in your life and your future.

You should be the master of your being. You should discern your strength and weaknesses. That's why mother's cry when their teenage sons or daughters decided to get married at a very young age because to reach a high level of self awareness, a person must go through certain amount of experience. I don't mean that wisdom comes with age but there are phases and stages in life that a person can become very impulsive and emotional. In having the right partner you have to not just rely on your heart but your mind as well. Here are some few guidelines or checklist in having the perfect partner.


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Compatibility Test

Are you Dating the Right Person?

With the divorce rate over 55% in the United States today (and often higher in other countries), it is important to know your partner as intimately as possible before taking the plunge!

Unfortunately, many people in relationships fail to ask life's most important questions prior to getting married.

Many, if not most, of these relationships will end in divorce.

Be sure you ask the right questions and know your partner as intimately as possible before things get too serious!

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