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No Mercy

For the most part we have dealt with the sort of disposition and character that promotes and encourages a loving relationship in our lives. However, due to the world in which we live, there are times when the aftermath of what was once hoped to be our joy becomes our greatest anxiety. It is in these instances a different sort of strength is required of our character. I speak of the pitiful situation in which a former spouse or lover refuses to accept the end of the relationship and goes beyond normal measures of anger in retaliation.

During a relationship, as two become closer and closer, there is a natural rise in hopes and intimacy. When a relationship ends, for whatever reasons, it is just as natural that the unrealized hopes and discontinued intimacy cause us disappointment and hurt. However it is best that each person can resolve their own feelings and find 'closure' by spending time both alone and with close friends. However not everyone is able to do this. Unfortunately we find ourselves seeing the worst of some people only after a relationship has been terminated.

I'll set forth two scenarios however they are by no means exclusive to one particular gender. A man or woman could behave in either of these extreme manners. Then we will look at how to address each situation best.


How To Stop Self Sabotage

Self-sabotage, the action an individual takes, either consciously or unconsciously to harm themselves, is common. Some can't figure out why things start off beautifully and in a little while fall apart. At first it seems difficult to understand why an individual would pull the rug out from under their own feet, undertake a project, (or relationship) and when all is going well, find a way to ruin it. But many individuals who are in the grip of self-sabotage are either unaware of what they are doing, or unable to control it.

Fear of Success

Many factors contribute to self-sabotage and fear of success is a prominent one. Many individuals will not allow themselves, (or their projects or relationships) to succeed. Some feel that they do not deserve it. They harbor guilt or shame about who they are and will not allow themselves to win or to have that which they want in life. Some have a long history of being told by parents, friends or teachers that they are not worth much. (Some have told it to themselves). Like a poison arrow, this negative affirmation has gone deep within. These individuals, believing it is true, cannot allow themselves to shine. Others feel that success is dangerous. The more successful they are, the happier and more fulfilled they are, the more others will dislike them. They subconsciously fear the jealousy of others, and negative repercussions that may come their way and feel guilty about having more than others have. A few get a reverse pleasure out of failing. They refuse to give their wives or family the pleasure of seeing them succeed. They are punishing others by failing, not wanting them to reap the fruits of their success.


What Should You Do After You Lost Weight?

You should consider the following as a check list:

Weight loss is a stressful process for your organism; it is a time of hunger, a willing loss of resources that uses more energy than it gets from the outside.

Your body reacts with 2 defence mechanisms: starts burning down material and puts to better use all the nutrients it can get from food.


First Date Magic

Without Embarrassment

Imagine that your are sitting next to a beautiful women on the bus.

Do you strike up a conversation, and end up with a date, or do you clam up, stare straight ahead and try to pretend she doesn't exist.

If you are like most of us you will most likely just clam up.

Why? Because we are afraid of getting our feelings hurt by a complete stranger.

The fear of rejection stops us from seizing the opportunity.

Nearly every day you are presented with opportunties to meet women, but if you don't take the inititive and act she will walk out your life forever

No more lost opportunities!

Without Embarrassment
will teach you how to meet and date far more women than you ever imagined possible

Gary Caine
The Singles Cafe.


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