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Setting The Mood

So now, let's assume you two are back at your place (or her place). She seems a bit nervous or looks visibly uncomfortable. What now? How do you get her to feel comfortable enough to open up to you sexually?

Well this also goes back to the Flow Planning. It's important to have some cool things out in the open in your place. For example, I know how to do Handwriting Analysis, so I might tell her about it, and have her write a sample of handwriting on a piece of paper.

Then, when I read her the analysis, I get close to her and put my arm around her while pointing out different things that her handwriting reveals about her.


Four Keys to Overcoming Your Nervousness Around Women

Standing at the magazine rack thumbing through Cosmo, she has the most gorgeous face you've ever seen. Her hair is silky brown. Her skin looks so radiant and so incredibly soft. You would be on top of the world if you could pick her this girl up.

You feel the fear deep in your gut.

You know that even if you got your balls in gear and went for it, you wouldn't know what to say. You feel so nervous and fumbly that you would reject yourself if you were her. So you shy away from even approaching her in the first place.


How To Make Sure She Never Fakes Her Orgasms With You!

Hello friends,

Today's article covers an issue that haunts men who take their skills as a lover very seriously (which is most men by the way).

In fact I have discovered that when it comes to the topic of sex most men are actually more uncomfortable than women when discussing it with the opposite sex.


Ejaculation on Command

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