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Pick Up Lines

Judging from my mail lately, it seems that using a pick up line to meet women has become the most highly sought after Holy Grail in the entire Seduction Universe. You know what I'm talking about... that "underground" of guys who are on a quest to figure out a way to forcefully re-focus the romantic attention of women on themselves wherever, and whenever, they choose to... all with the use of a single most wondrous, fantastically glib pick up line? Maybe you were considering the application of a few gems like these yourself?...

  • "Do you believe in Love at first sight honey... or do I have to walk by again? "

  • "Baby, your body's like my Visa Card... it's everywhere I want to be!"

  • "Honey you must be Jamaican... because Ja makin' me crazy!"

  • "If I could rewrite the alphabet, I would put U and I together."

  • "Are you from Tennessee?... because you're the only "Ten" I see!"

  • "Baby that dress you're wearing would look great on my bedroom floor."

  • "Let's work on our math skills baby... We can add a bed, subtract the clothes, divide your legs... and multiply! "

  • "Is that a keg in your pants sweetheart?... 'cause I'd love to tap that ass!"

Yeah, right..

Well, you got any brilliant ideas?... my tank is empty I'm afraid. Still, I get more mail from guys who plead with me if I would just... "please provide me with that one perfect pick up line that can cast women into a hypnotic love-spell..." more than anything else. I disappoint time and again when I confess that I simply don't have anything to offer. That's not what the High Status Male methods outlined in my book are all about. I don't slide up to strange women in clubs and pubs, slip them my "magical mystical pick up line", and lead the helplessly hypnotized honeys away for a night of wall banging sex. If one of you guys out there knows of such a mind-altering pick-up line -- then e-mail it to me immediately because I need to try it out for myself... Hey, I'll even post all your submissions at the bottom of this page to share with everyone. I'm not greedy!

All that aside, I don't think anyone has perfected such a standardized and easily canned approach to meeting women... simply because it's NOT possible. How can you possibly come up with some perfect... something to say to a woman that would take into consideration every imaginable variable that exists between men and women? One that would account for differences in personality, pre-conceived notions of proper social behavior, current life phase and relationship situation, hormonal balance, religious beliefs, level of emotional pre-occupation, physical self-view, social conditioning, and current mood? Not to mention just how her unconscious mind might respond merely to seeing your face! Do you remind her subconsciously of that guy in grammar school she always had a huge crush on or even dreamed of marrying? Or are you a pattern match for Mr. Right? Mr. Right Now?


The Secret Is That There Is No Secret

Everyone is talking about The Secret. I guess it's time for me to through my two cents worth into the discussion, so here it is: There really isn't a "secret". There's quantum physics, there's the power of positive thinking, there's reaping what we sow - it's all the same and it's really nothing new. But everyone wants to know how to make The Secret work. Presented here are some questions you can ask yourself and some ideas to explore that will help lead you to a more positive place in your life, thus creating a more positive future. Let's get started.

- Do I accept the person I am? Do I really know who I am, or am I trying to be someone I think I should be?

These questions are extremely difficult for some people to answer, and yet it's important to living a positive lifestyle to know the answers. Many of us have never taken the time to answer these questions and may be afraid of what the answers would be. We might disappoint ourselves or someone else. When answering "Who am I?" we often think of ourselves in terms of labels. I am a such and such or so and so. Is that really who I am? Or is who I am something deeper? Personally, I believe that who I am is what really causes a spark in me. I can try to be a lot of other things, but clues to my real self can be found in what gives me a jolt. Beyond that, we must ask, "Am I still playing the game of trying to make sure that everyone likes me and I fit in with the crowds I think I should fit in with"? This is tough because we are unfortunately socialized by the media, schools, and others to have to "fit" everywhere. What we really need to think about and work towards is fitting into our true selves. That's part of the equation of truly loving our own self. And loving and accepting ourselves is a big part of the "secret".


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