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The Best Ab Exercise for Obliques?

When most people think six pack abs, the best exercise for obliques, and losing belly fat, they think about long boring cardio workouts and hundreds of crunches. Fortunately, that isn't what it takes to get a beach body belly and sexy oblique muscles.

In fact, there are many exercises better and safer than crunches. After all, crunches involve spinal flexion (rounding forward), and research shows spinal flexion can lead to herniated discs.

This information has lead me to a long and exhaustive search for safe and effective ab training.


Web Spinning

I've been toying around with this technique that I call "Web Spinning" for a while now and it has been working wonders for me, plus I've had quite a bit of fun during the process... I think you will too. This is how it works...

Spiders spin their web in order to catch their pray, and once their web is spun, they simply sit back and collect food. What you are going to do the same thing in a collective sense, you can think of your reputation as your "web", and the larger (well known) and better your web is, the more women you will attract.

This is quite simple to do, and all you need to do in order to start spinning your "web" is find one attractive women that has many friends and get her to think that you are an attractive guy.


Sensual Massage - Your Guide to the Basics

It's no big secret that women like to be touched. They love the feeling of comfort it provides. Which is why, if you want to please a woman, you should never underestimate the power of the sensual massage. The strokes of your hand will both relax and entice her. By the end, she will have a clear mind and be focused completely on you - as long as you create an inviting ambiance. This is a step-by-step guide to help you understand the basics of sensual massage.

  1. Set the mood. If it is too cold or too bright, it will not be soothing to her. Dim the lights or light scented candles. For an extra soothing sensation, put on some soft music. I personally recommend some Al Green, but definitely choose music she likes. If you're not sure, nature sounds or ambient noise CDs are a good alternative. Make sure it's nice and warm in the room, or she won't want to get naked!

  2. Lube up. Not in the way you're thinking. Apply a creamy lotion or oil to your palms before you start rubbing her down. It will allow your hands to glide across her skin more smoothly. Get something special that you only use for this purpose, and get it in a yummy flavor so you can lick it off of her later. The aroma of it will tingle her senses, heightening her experience as well.

  3. Master your strokes. Don't press too hard, you are her sexual partner, not her athletic trainer. You don't need to beat out tight spots or loosen up joints; you want to relax the poor girl. Slow and steady strokes are key. Avoid loosing physical contact during the massage. It agitates the senses, which is counter productive to what you're trying to accomplish.

  4. Don't play favorites. If you rub down one arm, you must rub down the other. Giving all of your attention to one part of the body makes her feel unbalanced and uneasy. Additionally, don't do her right side and then her left. If you massage her right arm, do her left arm before moving on to her right leg and then her left. This applies not only to sensual massage, but to any intimate situation. If you suck on her left nipple, make sure you give attention to her right one. Conversely, if you spend time on her lower half, make sure you kiss her on her upper half to help balance it out.


Living By Zen

Living By Zen Book Cover

Here's How Living By Zen Can Provide Calm, Balance And Positivity Under All Conditions

In my years of working with both Zen principles and psychology, I've discovered exactly what it is that causes pain, crisis and sorrow and how to quickly turn them around. I've discovered why most relationships aren't working and what is needed to change that.

Finally, it's easy to see why the ways in which people usually deal with their suffering backfires, sooner or later. Now I've put it all together into a program called "Living By Zen."

Living By Zen includes the essence of all my years of work as a therapist, Zen practitioner and teacher. This program is simple, direct, enjoyable and easy to understand. It answers the questions I've received from hundreds of individuals and focuses upon what you need now in your life now.

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