7 Style Tips Every Man Must Know to Dress Well

The Fashion Basics

  • Plain White T-shirt
  • Plain Black T-shirt
  • Blue Jeans
  • White Button up shirt
  • Blue Button up shirt
  • Black Suit

You can always get away with a classic white tee paired with classic blue jeans. When it’s time to class it up a bit it’s good to have a couple collared shirts on hand. It’s great to have the basic black suit and tie for professional looks. Be sure to have plenty of white tees to assure you always look clean, cool and laid back. There are some rules when it comes to always looking nice and well dressed as a man. Looking fresh and clean is definitely important.

Cleaning and Ironing

Your shirts should be pressed clean. There’s nothing worse than putting together a matching awesome outfit just to have it be dirty or wrinkled. Be sure your white tees are washed and ironed. Not just your white tees but all your clothes. Don’t just lazily iron your shirts. Learn to iron your shirts properly. Learn how to put a nice crease in your pants. Know that different fabrics require different treatment and learn how to wash and dry them properly to assure the quality of your clothes remain intact. This rule applies to everything. Shoes and accessories should not be excluded. Be sure to polish your watches and jewelry and always keep a nice shine on your shoes.


  • White sneakers
  • Black sneakers
  • Black leather shoes
  • Brown leather shoes

Shoes can really make or break an outfit. Solid colors like white, black and brown are universal and can go with many outfits. Dark colored shoes should be paired with suits and professional attire. Leather shoes are especially classy. A pair of quality leather shoes is a great investment. They are durable and comfortable and you can keep them for a long time. When dressing casual, it’s ideal to wear shoes that match the shirt or at least compliment the colors in the shirt. For example, if you wear a white shirt with blue jeans it would look best to wear white sneakers. A black shirt with blue jeans would look best paired with black sneakers.


  • Watches
  • Hats
  • Belts
  • Ties

Who said accessories are just for women? The right hat could make you stand out. The wrong hat could ruin everything. Choose your accessories wisely. A baseball cap can turn a casual outfit into a real sporty cool outfit. Every man needs a nice watch. The right watch can really make an outfit and it also exudes class. Be sure to color coordinate your belts. Ties should not be too gaudy. Accessories are fun but avoid adding too many as it can look excessive and it may make you appear to be trying too hard.


For Men’s fashion, it is important that you look clean, neat and put together at all times. But if your clothes and accessories are low quality, they won’t last as long or look as great. For men, it’s best to shop for higher quality. Although it can be pricey, it’s best to have a few expensive, fitted high-quality shirts than a bunch of cheap, poorly fitted low-quality ones. Men do not usually shop as frequently as women. They tend not to own as many articles of clothing as women either. So it’s smarter to go quality over quantity. Not only will they look better, they will last longer. Women can get away with having a few expensive “looking” jewels, but men should stick to one or two high-quality pieces of jewelry and focus on taking good care of them. You should also consider getting rid of the super hero t-shirts and hoodies if you’re really looking into classing up your style.

Personal Touch

Speaking of personal style. Don’t be afraid when it comes to fashion. Try different colors for different occasions. Get fun when going out for dates. If you think you have an eye for color you can try your hand at color coordinating. Be creative but try not to stray too far away from the basic men’s dress code rules. Have them serve as a sort of template.


Most importantly, the key to looking amazing in whatever you are wearing is CONFIDENCE. Keep in mind that the outfit doesn’t make the person. The person makes the outfit. When you’re on that job interview or out on a date, you are the person wearing the clothes. You decide overall what energy you give off. Clothing only serves as an addition to who you are.

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