7 Tips on Being a Great Dad

Tips on Being a Good Dad

It’s a scientific fact that dads play an important role in the lives of their children. Dads help children learn, grow and become all they can be. Dads influence their children in ways that only they can. You can help shape your child’s life for the better by following these seven tips that will help you be a great dad.

Talk to Your Child

Infants can benefit from having their father talk to them and read to them. A study shows that fathers help a child’s language development even more than a mother does. The more you talk to your child as an infant and toddler, the more advanced their language skills will become. Dads expose their children to vocabulary that is new to them and more challenging. These unfamiliar words help expand their skills. Conversing with older children will continue to expose them to new words and ideas. It will also show them you are interested in including them in your life.

Listen to Your Child

Actively listening to your child is just as important as talking to your child. People of all ages have a desire to be listened to. Your child needs to know that you care about what they have to say and that they can come to you with their problems. By listening to the small things they have to say, you prove you will be will be available to listen to the big things too.

Play With Your Child

Playing is an important part of a dad’s role. Playing with your child can actually help your child’s development. Roughhousing is typically a type of play that is initiated by fathers. Roughhousing is actually thought to help build a child’s self-confidence and concentration. A researcher from Australia claims brains develop the ability to manage emotions and thinking and physical action altogether during this type of play. There is also the fact that playing is just plain fun for the both of you!

Encourage Your Child

Words can have a huge impact on a person. Your child wants to feel valued. Using encouraging words with your child can boost their confidence. When a dad uses encouraging words he is also more likely to be heard than if he uses critical words. Encouraging words make your child feel capable, loved and gives them the courage they need to try new things. Critical words will make your child feel torn down and they may shutdown or act out. Always try to build your child up with what you say.

Be in the Stands and At Appointments

Busy schedules often make it hard for dads to balance their work and family commitments. One way to be a great dad is to show up to your child’s activities and appointments whenever possible. A dad is one of the most important people in the audience or crowd when a child is performing. If you can’t make all of the activities, try to make a phone call or send a message to your child to let them know you support them and are cheering for them. Then when you do see them again, make sure you ask them about it and take time to really listen to what they tell you. As well as going to their activities, a dad can learn a lot about their child when they can take the time to attend school and medical appointments for their child. School appointments can be especially enlightening when it comes to giving you insight about your child’s day-to-day life. Attend at least one parent-teacher conference or school open house each year if you can. If your child has any kind of chronic health issues it’s important you attend medical appointments to understand the information in your own way and ask questions. A well-child check can give you important firsthand information regarding your child’s development, so consider attending those as well. The more you know about your child, what they do and how they operate, the better you can give them what they need.

Discipline Your Kid

Dads that discipline their children are going to have children that are more successful in life. Setting limits for a child gives a child security. With no discipline, a child may feel anxious and get in the habit of making poor decisions. When dads act as a disciplinarian they are setting their child up for learning important skills they need to become responsible acting adults.

Set a Good Example

Your child watches everything you do. They will notice if your words don’t reflect your actions. If you want your child to behave a certain way, the best way to get them to do that is to behave that way yourself. Your child looks up to you, make sure they are looking at the right things!

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